A great advantage with Mobill is that our solution supports everything from the basic technology to the most advanced standards – from dumb to smart phones.The key advantage for the end user is that we move the payment interface from the ticket office or ticket machine to the user and his/her mobile phone, minimizing the queues, machines that can break down, use of electric power, ticket paper – and so on.

Our unique real-time validation gives the operator 100 percent control over how the ticket is used. If a user sends a copy of his ticket to a friend, both tickets become invalid when the second ticket is validated.

The statistics produced by the ticketing system can be used to improve the operations. For instance, a subway operator can get a clear picture of the traffic, where the jams are, where there is capacity, where to improve the lines.

Mobill’s technology is in three parts:

  • The Mcode: a way of representing a ticket using a text block that can be transmitted using SMS or Internet, and scanned from the handset’s screen.
  • Mobill Service Platform (MSP): Mobill’s secure, scalable high-performance server architecture to support Mcode generation & validation and to support Mobill’s services
  • Validators: software and hardware solutions for fast reliable validation of Mcode-based tickets and coupons.


Mcode is Mobill’s patented solution for sending electronic tickets to any type of mobile phone. Because it uses a grid of characters, it is simple and lightweight enough to be sent using SMS. In the smartphone world, SMS still “just works” with no need to install an app. Mcode works inside mobile apps, making secure validation immediately available via Mobill’s scanners and back-end infrastructure. Mcodes can even be printed and scanned from paper.

This is what Mcode tickets look like:

SMS ticket
SMS ticket
App ticket
App ticket
A ticket cannot be falsified because it does not contain any user data; the details are securely held on MSP. Controlled randomisation techniques mean that it is futile to try and guess a character pattern. Our unique real-time validation gives the operator 100 percent control over how the ticket is used and enables instant blocking upon misuse.

Mobill Service Platform (MSP)

MSP uses modern industry-standard technologies such as Java and is carefully architected for high throughput in a 24/7/365 uptime environment. MSP has these main functions:

  • Generate Mcodes
  • Validate Mcodes
  • Payment Gateway to payment services
  • Communications Gateway to SMS, other servers and mobile apps.
  • Support applications such as M-Ticket.

Mobill’s approach to applications is to carefully design generic functionality in a modular fashion. For example, we have one Customer Service module which is the same for both M-Ticket and M-Validate. When we integrate to a mobile wallet, that wallet becomes available to all applications.


Mobill has extensive experience in the technologies and challenges around scanning and decoding the Mcode, such as image processing and character recognition. Mobill is also actively developing secure online validation in other media, such as NFC.