Based on the Mobill Service Platform MSP we have created a set of applications making it quick and easy for vendors and service providers to implement mobile services.

Mobill’s applications typically work in parallel with existing solutions, requiring little or no integration. We can provide cloud-based service, including distributed solutions for local markets.

Applications & Services

M-Ticket enables consumers to buy public transportation (bus, tram, metro, train) tickets by mobile phone. Working via app or SMS, the ticket is delivered in the form of an Mcode which means that all tickets can be validated at barriers, kiosks and by mobile ticket inspectors. Tickets cannot be falsified and real-time validation eliminates fraud. A web-based portal, common across all applications, provides customer service, administration and configuration.
M-Event provides secure tickets to an app or via SMS. Mobill’s validator solutions provide high volume entry control in barrier lines, whilst Mobile Validator makes it easy for attendants to check each ticket. M-Event goes further than just ticketing by providing a highly efficient way for users to buy refreshments and other goods at any time. The order is sent in real time so that the refreshments are ready and can be picked up with one fast validation, eliminating queues and waste.
M-Parking is Mobill’s solution for easy payment of parking charges from mobile phones, with automatic reminder when time is nearly up and opportunity to remotely extend. M-Parking is used by more than 50 car park companies in Sweden. M-Parking is simple to deploy and includes a mobile app for checking vehicles, plus the ability to integrate with other car parking systems.
Already have a mobile app or service and need to add secure validation? M-Validate provides just that with a simple API to order Mcodes and the choice of real-time or periodic delivery of results. Perfect for getting feedback on mobile coupons and making sure vouchers are redeemed according to the rules.
M-Payment is a highly configurable application which supports a wide range of payment scenarios. MSP is pre-integrated with PayEx and Klarna, and is easily connected to other wallets and services.

Additional Services

The Alliance Server works with M-Ticket and external systems so that a transport operator or third party can issue tickets that work seamlessly across one or more transport systems. It provides a neutral broker where transport operators can agree through-ticketing arrangements. A through ticket then validates correctly in each network according to the network’s own rules.

The Local Validation Server (LVS) option provides a local server that protects against breaks in Internet service.


Mobile Validator is a software validator for reading Mcode tickets and coupons. It works on a wide range of Android handsets and includes an offline mode for breaks in mobile coverage.
Validator MV-1 is ideal for public transport and retail applications. It has a colour touch-screen and audio feedback, plus ability to connect to and open a barrier. Options include 3G modem and NFC.
Validator OV-1 can be built in to barriers, ticket machines, etc. Like MV-1 it can be configured and updated remotely via the Update Server (UPS) option.