All over the world hundreds of millions go by trains, trams, buses, subways and ferries every day. In London alone, more than 3 million people use public transportation daily. The public transportation sector needs efficient ticket systems to handle the increasing number of passengers, techniques that are easy to use, secure and cost effective. Less hardware, less paper, no cash and no ticket frauds.

The Mobill M-Ticket system is field proven and provides all the features to make it a reliable and efficient ticketing system. It is easy for the end-user, a mobile phone – dumb or smart – is all that’s required to receive a virtual ticket. The ticket validation technique makes the M-Ticket practically fraud safe.

Furthermore, M-Ticket system has fast, reliable and stable software, as well as heavy-duty ticket validation equipment. A ticketing system made to handle the demanding challenge of mass transportation.

M-Ticket is easily adopted to combine the ticketing for two neighbouring train operators. Reports and clearing are performed automatically, the passengers have no problems changing from one train operator to another with the same ticket.



Mobill provides the mobile ticketing and validation service for  SL, the largest public transport operator in Scandinavia.