Mobill’s solutions are not just about customers buying products & services in a very convenient way. We also open a whole new way of communicating. The solutions can deliver messages, reminders, offers, tickets and coupons, including Mobill’s machine-readable coupons, based on Mcode technology.

For instance, a retail chain can send out an offer about reduced price on an item to their customer’s mobile phones. The customer can buy the item with the phone already at home and show/validate the receipt in the shop, picking up the pre-paid goods. Or the customer can show and validate the offer coupon in the shop and pay with cash, card or the Mobill payment service.

Mobile coupons can be sent directly in real-time; instant offers that don’t get left at home! With Mcode validation, results can be monitored right away.

And of course, the system provides a lot of easily accessible information about different customer’s desires and behaviours, helping the retail chain to make even better offers the next time.