With Mobill’s M-Event you can sit at home and buy your event ticket – sports, concerts, trade fairs, seminars, exhibitions – and just bring it along in your mobile phone. If you go there by train or bus you can buy your transport ticket with your mobile phone (M-Transport) and if you go by car you pay the parking with your phone (M-Parking). Feel like a snack or a burger in the intermission? Order in advance, validate your receipt at the counter and pick up your order.

No queues, no waiting, no cash, no cards – just quick an easy.

M-Event works like M-Ticket, used in public transportation. The customer buys a ticket with an app or SMS and receives the ticket in the phone. The phone’s screen is then scanned and validated at the entrance to the theatre or arena. People pass the entrances quickly and smoothly, no queuing.

But it’s not only the spectator who gains from the Mobill services. For instance, the arena operator gathers information about the visitors (visiting frequency, buying behaviour etc) and can – based on the data – inform the visitor about upcoming events and build stronger customer relationships.

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