World mobile phone usage is growing rapidly. Mobile phones are everywhere and the number of people using their phone as a means of payment is getting bigger every day.
Mobill’s  solution enables payments and transactions to be driven entirely from consumers’ mobile phones. Anyone with a mobile phone – smart or dumb – can use the system. Our services can be operated via a simple SMS as well as via smartphone apps and the web.

Operators in practically any market can use Mobill’s solutions and make payments quick and easy for their customers.

The primary markets using the Mobill’s solutions are:
• public transport (trains, buses, ferries)
• events (sports, cinemas, theatres, concerts)
• parking
• marketing (coupons, offers)

Mobill also provides capability to communicate with customers, such as sending out coupons with offers. Using Mobill’s patented Mcode technology, coupons are secure and can be automatically validated, so that they can be used to obtain items of value, like event tickets or paid-for offers.