Mobill Scandinavia AB is a private equity-backed software and services company within secure Mobile Ticketing and M-Commerce, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

Current owners include the founders, Tipal Invest AB, Asonia Invest AB and a number of private investors.


It started with parking

Mobill was founded in 2005 and our first application was mobile payment for parking. Since then Mobill has successfully applied its M-Commerce expertise to a variety of additional applications such as tickets for public transport, vending machine solutions and point-of-sale environments by developing applications and services which enable our clients to rapidly implement true mobile payment services.

Mobill technology includes the Mobill Service Platform and Mcode tickets and coupons, which can be sent using SMS or Internet and scanned and validated from the mobile phone screen at the point of redemption.


Our vision and ideas

Mobill’s vision and business idea is based on realizing the promise of M-Commerce, meaning:

  • A consumer can use a single mobile device to complete an end-to-end transaction.
  • Services are available to all, both using the latest smartphone technology and by leveraging ubiquitous mobile phone features such as text messaging.


The Mobill business model is based on:

  • Providing turnkey solutions for M-Commerce, where revenue is derived from royalty and transactional payments.
  • Providing managed service solutions, where Mobill operates applications on behalf of clients in exchange for management and transactional payments.


Growing internationally

M-Ticket is already widely adopted by public transport companies in Scandinavia to enable passengers to buy electronic tickets with their mobile phones and Mobill’s applications and servicesare also used at many locations for payment, by mobile phone, of goods and fees for public parking spaces.

Mobill is now rapidly expanding from its original base in Scandinavia, working with partners throughout the world, targeting system suppliers, system integrators and media/telecom. This, combined with an agile approach to existing customer base and further business development towards consumers in order to stimulate “market pull”, will further grow the market for Mobill’s products and solutions.